When it comes to underground contracting, including water and sewer services, you need a team with the knowledge and experience to handle the intricacies of the job.

Whether a commercial, residential or industrial site, we center safety and care. From site-management to the techniques, we prioritize our team’s safety while caring and preserving your property’s integrity. We utilize only the highest quality tools and industry-leading technology in all our work.

From water and sewer line installations, to the utility planning and surveying that comes beforehand to the repairs and removals down the line – we are committed to your underground contracting whatever stage you may be at.

Hydrant Inspection, Maintenance & Replacement

  • All hydrants have a shelf life, and it’s important to maintain them throughout harsh Canadian weather

Water/Sewer/Storm Install & Maintenance  

  •  We install and maintain underground utilities to engineer specifications, whether that be water lines, sewer lines, or storm lines. Maintenance includes camera inspections, manhole sealing, flushing, and sinkhole repair.

Water Breaks

  • Our goal is to locate where the water line has broken, identify who needs water on an emergency basis, and restore water as soon as possible. 

Water & Sewer Camera Inspections  

  •  These inspections identify roots, breaks in the lines, holes in the water lines, and general condition of pipe. 

Utility Daylighting

  • Daylighting is used to expose underground utilities like gas, power, and communications. Directional drillers will not cross a utility without actual visuals of the utilities they are crossing.

Septic Maintenance & Replacement

  • Unmaintained septic systems can build up sediment and debris. We can have them cleaned out and inspected to help extend the life of your septic system. If your septic system has come to the end of its life span, our professionals can replace it.

Manholes & Catch Basins

  • One of the most ignored parts of properties that can cause the most costly repairs. Manholes and catch basins. If these are not properly sealed and cleaned out to ensure proper function. It can lead to sewer and storm backups, sinkholes, frost heaves and broken pipes.

Consulting Services

  • Our consulting services provide property owners insight and advice if they simply do not know what to do with their water, sewer, storm or utility systems.


  • Whatever your trench needs, we can dig it. Our fleet of machinery can provide excavations and trenching of any size.

HDPE Pipe Fusing

  • High Density Polyethylene is a pipe designed to be an ultra durable line that, by fusing, creates a sealed pipeline from end to end.

Emergency Callouts

  • Water breaks, sewer backups, flooded catch basins and other emergencies never tell you when they are going to happen. If they do, call our after hour line and we will mobilize to help immediately. 

Sewer Backups

  •  Sewer backups happen due to a variety of reasons. With our arsenal of tools and machinery, we can have your drains draining in no time.

Root Cutting

  • Older lines tend to have gaps that allow for the passage of roots into the sewer or storm line. We have augers designed to break through and restore the drain, without damaging the line.

Valve Replacement

  • Without a working valve, you can’t shut off your water. These are one of the most important safety features in a water line.

Pipe Patch

  • Pipe patch is a fiberglass and epoxy sleeve designed to prolong the life of a cracked pipe that may not need to be replaced just yet, or stop roots from continuing to infiltrate your water or sewer line. 


  • Used to excavate around tight or sensitive areas, usually with high water content or around utilities like power and gas. 

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