When building your business, you need a reliable foundation to follow your vision wherever it may take you. Concrete structures can last for many years alongside your growing commercial project IF done correctly. From warehouses to parkades to shops, we handle your concrete flooring needs. From the ground up, we also handle slab work, curbs and gutters, aprons and pads, and whatever other concrete needs you may have.

Beyond our cutting services, we also offer industry-leading concrete core drilling. Core drilling uses diamond tip drill technology in order to cut through nearly any depth of concrete surface. Most often used in the installation of wires or pipes for heating, plumbing, or electrical, we are able to quickly and accurately drill precise holes to match your needs.

With our precision and attention to detail, we’re able to cut through a wide variety of concrete surfaces quickly and accurately. We use only top-of-the-line tools, from diamond-tipped blades to wire and hydraulic saws, to diamond cutting drills.

Warehouse & shop floors

Whether in your business’s warehouse or storefront, we offer concrete flooring services in a wide variety of finishes and designs to suit your vision – always ensuring quality and durability.

Concrete slabs

Pre-poured concrete slabs can serve a variety of indoor and outdoor functions, from ceilings and floors to exterior paving.

Sidewalks & walkways

Concrete sidewalks and walkways poured with care and precision are the perfect finishing touch for  your commercial building.


Whether a decorative curb in  your landscaping plan, or the edge of a sidewalk, a sturdily built curb is extremely important. Concrete curbs can last through varied weather conditions and for years if done properly.


Gutters are troughs built beside paved areas to discharge water that would otherwise build up on the concrete.

Precast curb stops

Commonly used in commercial parking lots and garages, curb stops are concrete blocks placed at the end of parking spots to stop cars from driving further.

Business & industrial parking lots and driveways

Greet your clients with the best first impression, with a well-executed concrete parking lot or parkade for your commercial property.

Concrete blocks
Concrete architecture

Aprons & pads

Aprons are sections of concrete poured around garages or buildings, providing a transition between 2 levels of concrete.

Decorative concrete

Concrete doesn’t have to be plain old grey, add some spice to your property with a custom concrete design. Whether stamped with a fun design or stained in a color to match your vision, concrete can be a commercial project’s best accessory.

  • Stamped concrete
  • Stained concrete
  • Custom concrete design & construction

Concrete finishing

Your concrete can be finished in a variety of ways suiting your taste. If you prefer a completely smooth and mark-free finish, steel trowels are used to completely smooth the final product. Meanwhile, if your vision is of a textured finish, a broom is used to add fine lines and details to your concrete.

  • Broom finish
  • Steel trowel finish
  • Concrete pouring
  • Concrete repairs
  • Concrete removal, reconstruction & replacement
  • Concrete demolition

Cutting and coring services:

  • Floor sawing
  • Roads, pavement cutting
  • Curb cutting
  • Wall/track sawing
  • Wire sawing
  • Core drilling
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