Asphalt work is a complex and specialized craft, especially in a city with severe weather extremities like Edmonton. With harsh winters and hot summers, cracks and damage are sure to occur. This climate makes careful installation a must and necessitates regular repair and maintenance work.

Whether on a commercial, industrial, civil, or residential project, Kor provides top-of-the-line contracting for every stage of your asphalt’s life. We utilize only the latest technologies and techniques, from removal to base repair and replacement. We also have expertise in specialized asphalt needs such as infrared, potholes, and catch basins. We service a variety of areas and spaces ranging from roadways to parking lots and pathways.

Removal & Replacement:

  • Demolition & disposal
  • Base work replacement or repair
  • Lay down of new asphalt and compaction

Asphalt Overlay:

  • Cleaning and repair of original surface
  • Application of tack coat
  • Lay down of new layer of asphalt


  • Infrared asphalt repair
  • Pothole repair
  • Crack sealing & seal coating

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